Facial Hair Basics

November 7, 2016


Facial hair may seem like a low-maintenance alternative to shaving but if you want your goatee, ‘tache or beard to look its best you do need to give it a little TLC. And like the hair on your head, the hair on your face benefits from regular combing.

Not only will a twice-daily comb help limit ingrown hairs, it’ll also prevent tangling, smooth out your growth’s appearance and (sorry to mention this) dislodge any beard dandruff and stray bits of food.

Beard combs like the Kent Brushes 81T Beard and Moustache Comb are especially designed with shorter, closer teeth to ensure maximum performance and are small enough to pop in your pocket so you’re never without the right tool for a quick brush up.

N&J Knowledge: Clean your comb regularly with warm soapy water or dip into a little Milton sterilising fluid to keep it free of germs and debris.


In an ideal world moustaches would grow exactly how you’d like them to. In reality, just like the hair on your head they have a nasty habit of doing their own thing, sticking up in all the wrong places and generally defying all your styling ambitions. What’s more, longer ‘taches can get in the way of eating if not properly managed.

The solution is a product like Mr Natty Twizzle Moustache Wax. Applied to the ends, it’s a great way to control and style your moustache (and to add a signature point at the ends if you’re feeling particularly creative) but you can also apply a little throughout your ‘tache and comb through with a beard and moustache comb to give the whole thing a bit of shape. Especially useful if you’re taking part in the annual Movember fundraising event this year.

N&J Knowledge: Moustache waxes are harder and more solid than hair waxes so always soften them a little by warming between your fingertips first. If your wax is stiff, pop the tin in your pocket for five minutes to warm it up a little.


When your hair’s dry and out of condition the ultimate rescue remedy is a hair conditioner. So it stands to sense that if you want your facial hair to be in tip-top condition you need to condition it too.

Using a beard conditioner like Mr Natty Famous Beard Elixir won’t just keep hair soft and supple, it’ll make sure it smells good too and will also help hydrate the skin beneath. Facial hair tends to wick moisture away from the skin’s surface which can leave skin dry and flaky and lead to beard dandruff, so moisturising in this way is especially important.

N&J Knowledge: Don’t forget to exfoliate skin beneath your beard using a face scrub to remove dead skin cells. Simply apply with your fingers as you would to the rest of your face but spend a bit more time working it into the skin. Make sure you apply it under the jawbone and down to the neck as this area is especially prone to ingrown hairs.

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