Hands first

November 7, 2016

You use them every day so it makes sense to look after your hands. This guide will walk you through what you can do to keep your hands looking and feeling great.

Hand Washes

Why hand washes deserve a space by your sink.

The big advantage of hand washes is their convenience - because they generally come in pump-action containers there are no sludgy bars of soap sitting on your washbasin. There is another advantage too - because they’re formulated with glycerine they tend to be especially kind to the skin. Useful if you get forced into lots of washing up. Follow up by applying a hand cream to ensure skin is properly hydrated.


It may sound obvious but keep your hand wash where you’ll use it. Keep a bottle in the bathroom and one next to the kitchen sink and you’ll be more inclined to use it.

Hand Soaps

It may seem old-fashioned but there’s nothing quite like soap.

They may seem old-fashioned but there’s nothing quite like holding a bar of soap in your hand and having a good, thorough cleanse. Much is made of their alkalinity, with critics saying this can disrupt the skin’s natural lipid barrier, but this is often the result of not rising properly after using so don’t be put off.


If you’ve had problems with soap drying out your skin in the past, try a soap-free glycerine cleanser like Baxter of California Vitamin E-D-A Cleansing Bar. Super-gentle on the skin and ideal for dry or sensitive skins.

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