Shaving your head

November 7, 2016

Male grooming experts like myself spend so much time writing about how to get a perfectly smooth chin that it’s easy for us to forget that there are lots of men out there with hair loss, shaving their heads too.

Having a smooth scalp presents its own set of problems, leaving you with even more skin to moisturise, de-shine and protect against sun damage. Luckily, however, looking after it is no more difficult than taking care of your face. So here’s how to shave, de-shine and protect your head in five easy steps.


To begin the shaving process start by wetting your scalp with a little warm water, then apply a small amount of shaving cream or, if you like to see where you’re shaving, some transparent shave oil to the palm of your hand. Then rub between both hands then apply evenly over your scalp.

Tip: If you’re in the habit of letting what hair you do have grow between shaves invest in a hair clipper and cut it back to the shortest length possible to make the whole shaving process simpler and faster and to reduce the chance of nicks, cuts and irritation.


Take your razor and, starting at the point just below your ear, begin shaving from front to back using long, sweeping strokes, placing each successive stroke next to the last to avoid missing areas (imagine mowing a large lawn if it helps!). You can use the hand you’re most comfortable, though many men prefer to use the left hand to shave the left half of the head and then swap hands once they reach the half way point. Then push the ears back to shave behind them (using downwards strokes) and finish off by shaving around the nape and removing any stray neck hairs.

Tip: If you have curly hair - and are susceptible to ingrown hairs - always shave with the direction of hair growth and try to avoid too many passes with the razor.


If you want to give your head the once over to check for areas you may have missed apply a little more shave cream or gel, along with a little water, and feel your head with your fingertips - the cream and water combination will make it easier for you to feel for stray stubble. Then rinse your head thoroughly with cool water to remove all traces of your shaving prep.


If you do get any cuts, help them heal quickly with a dab of Proraso Shave Cut Healing Gel which is mildly astringent and antiseptic, and perfect for treating nicks and cuts whether they’re on your chin or head. As with your face, you can 'feed' your scalp with a post-shave balm like Trumper's Coral Skin Food to promote the skin’s natural healing process and reduce any irritation caused by the razor.


With the top of a bald head a prime spot for skin cancer it pays to protect it on a daily basis with an SPF moisturiser containing a built-in sunscreen. If you want to protect and prevent shine at the same time, though, why not treat your scalp to Recipe For Men SPF 25 Facial Moisturiser which does both?

If you’re hitting the beach, however, it’s worth upping the ante protection-wise by using a product like Triumph&Disaster No Dice Sunscreen SPF 50 which offers fantastic protection against sun damage. Better still, grab yourself a hat and protect your head from sun exposure altogether, especially between the hours of 12-3pm when the sun is strongest.

Tip: Don’t forget that, as with the skin on the rest of your body, the skin on the top of your head benefits from regular exfoliation. So to keep your scalp healthy remove dead skin cells once a week with a facial scrub.

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